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Electrotome® sphincterotomes deliver exceptional cutting performance and easy, fast device exchange. Dome tip design offers excellent cannulation performance and a high saffety. Unique insulation coating minimizes damage to surrounding tissue for enhanced safety. Stable knife operation is assured due to a pre-curved tip and efficiency is optimized with developed port design.

The MD Craft single use snares have a large product variety for all types and sizes of the polyps. Please click the button to see all types of the polypectomy and mucosectomy devices.

The disposable MD Craft® retrieval net device product line is used in the endoscopic retrieval of foreign body, food bolus and excised tissue such as polyps.

MD Craft offers a wide variety of reusable grasping forceps with features designed to ensure the efficient removal of many different foreign bodies. The range of grasping devices includes tripod, tetrapod or pentapod graspers, alligator jaw or rat-tooth forceps, which are ideal for grasping various objects and provide a secure grip.

With the MD Craft stone extraction baskets you can handle almost any situation during stone retrieval. The conventional four-wire design retrieves a wide range of medium-sized and large stones in the bile duct and pancreatic duct. MD Craft offers the Instaview series lithotriptor baskets that have patented quick valve sealing assembly that allows advencing both of the tow wire-beasket assembly and contrast medium within a single lumen.

MD Craft offers three kinds of stone extraction balloons: Triple lumen catheter with contrast medium application above the balloon, below the balloon and double lumen quick valve balloon catheters.

A package includes a set of three syringes for predefined inflation diameters of 9 mm, 12 mm and 15 mm.

MD Craft offers the Instaview series cannulas that have patented quick valve sealing assembly that allows advencing both of the guidewire and contrast medium within a single lumen.

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