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Endoscopic graspers

MD Craft offers a wide variety of reusable grasping forceps with features designed to ensure the efficient removal of many different foreign bodies. The range of grasping devices includes tripod, tetrapod or pentapod graspers, alligator jaw or rat-tooth forceps, which are ideal for grasping various objects and provide a secure grip.

Forceps with V-shaped jaws are suitable for thin, flat objects. Forceps with tripod and pentapod ends are designed to cause minimal tissue damage during the removal of polyps or soft tissue. Graspers with rubber-tipped ends are designed to maintain a firm grip on tiny, flat or sharp metal objects.


MD Craft also offers basket-type extraction devices, which are designed for the removal of large, round objects, gallstones and sludge.

Tripod and tetrapod graspers

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