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Product information

If you have any questions about the availability of a certain product, just contact us.


We warrant that our products were true to label when we manufactured them, and that we prepared and tested them according to the quality system regulations of the appropriate regulatory bodies.

Because of biological differences between people, no product is 100% effective in all circumstances. We can’t control the diagnosis of the patient, or the method of use, storage condition, and handling of the product after it leaves our possession. As a result, we don’t warrant either a good effect or against an ill effect from the use of the product.

This warranty is exclusive and in place of all other written, oral, or implied warranties (including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for purpose). The buyer accepts the product, subject to all terms of this warranty. No representative of the company can change any of the previously mentioned terms.


Sarge reserves the right to change or discontinue any product without notice. If a product is discontinued, we can recommend alternatives.


All of MD Craft products have an expiration date on the label to ensure product integrity and sterility. We can’t verify an unlimited shelf life through testing, so we usually put some limit on the life of our products. Please be aware that storage conditions may affect shelf life.


MD Craft products should be stored in a dark, cool, dry place. Light can degrade some plastics, so don’t expose products to light for extended periods. Heat can reduce the shelf life of products, so don’t expose products to elevated temperatures for extended periods.


Balloon catheter packages have a natural-rubber latex warning. Products that have this warning contain latex that can come into direct or indirect contact with patients or operators during normal use. An example of indirect contact is when a fluid touches the latex and then touches the patient. Please contact Customer Service or your local sales representative if you have further questions.

Item contains or has a presence of natural rubber latex.

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