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MD Craft® sphincterotomes deliver exceptional cutting performance and easy, fast device exchange. Dome tip design offers excellent cannulation performance and a high saffety. Unique insulation coating minimizes damage to surrounding tissue for enhanced safety. Stable knife operation is assured due to a pre-curved tip and efficiency is optimized with developed port design.

New quick valve mechanism: Instaview™

MD Craft® offers triple lumen Electrotome® series and double lumen Instaview series sphincterotomes. Instaview series devices include a quick valve assembly to inject the contrast medium through the lumen when a guide wire is present in that lumen. You can control the sealing valve pressing or release a lever using one hand simply. This unique quick valve mechanism is a good alternative to traditional Tuohy-Burst adapters or similar.

Dome tip design

​Dome tip design offers excellent cannulation performance and a high saffety. A round tip can reduce the risk of traumatic effects on the papilla Vater  during cannulation attempts, and this can reduce the risk of pancreatitis.

Pre-curved tip for stable cutting operation

The pre-curved distal end of the Electrotome® extends to a stable 11 o’clock position, assisting with cannulation of the papilla and assuring optimized cutting.

Insulated cutting wire for enhanced safety

Insulation layer on the proximal end of the cutting wire minimizes damage to the surrounding tissue, eliminating any risk of electrical contact between the wire and endoscope. The isolated part of the wire can be easily seen on the screen. Now you can be sure that the wire does not touch the endoscope to cut. The coating material also reduces the deformation of the wire during the procedure.

Special port design for smooth guidewire insertion

The curved design of the port channel prevents a twisting of the shaft at the point where the port is connected to the catheter, and helps to advence the guide wire more easily. Repeated retraction or advancement of the guide wire through the port will not cause damage to the coating of the wire. You will not experience any hesitation during insertion of the guidewire into the lumen.

Billroth II sphincterotome

Our pull-type Billroth II sphincterotome, which maintains its S-shape in every position thanks to a stabilizer support, allows easy and safe cannulation and sphincterotomy using a duodenoscope, gastroscope or colonoscope.


Triple lumen. Dome tip

Rotatable. Triple lumen. Dome tip

Needle knife. Triple lumen

Quick valve. Double lumen. Dome tip

Quick valve. Double lumen. Fine tip

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