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Basket catheters

MD Craft offers the Instaview series lithotriptor baskets that have patented quick valve sealing assembly that allows advencing both of the tow wire-beasket assembly and contrast medium within a single lumen. This mechanism allows contrast medium to be injected smoothly even while the tow wirerope is passed through the sheath.

With the MD Craft stone extraction baskets you can handle almost any situation during stone retrieval.

The conventional four-wire design retrieves a wide range of medium-sized and large stones in the bile duct and pancreatic duct.


Most basket types come in a conventional four-wire design whereas the BAS-R-SS25-8W model has a unique eight-wire design. The BAS-R-SS25-8W's eight-wire distal design is ideal for the retrieval of small stones while the four-wire proximal design facilitate the release of captured stones.

Basket types are available that have bullet-shaped tip version with rotation function.

Lithotriptor baskets

Retrieval baskets

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